About us

Certitudo Capital, established in 2002, is a private project developer and property investor located in ’s-Hertogenbosch. We operate in both the commercial and residential property markets, land positions, (re)development and takeovers of or participations in existing real estate portfolios or partnerships.

Our work area spans all regions of the Netherlands, with a particularly strong presence in the Randstad. We act in areas where we see the best opportunities to achieve attractive and sustainable returns at acceptable risks. Certitudo Capital is rapidly developing into a network organisation in which entrepreneurs, investors and managers can connect with and strengthen one another. At the same time, care is taken to ensure the distinctive character of the family business: personal attention for people, long-lasting partnerships, focus on the long term and operating sustainably in the broadest sense of the word.

The team at Certitudo Capital is composed of around 30 people. Company management is carried out by founder Peter Kuiten, Niels de Bruin and Tessa Kuiten.


The Team

Ing. Peter J.L.C. KuitenChief Executive Officer

Peter Kuiten has been working in project development since 1990. After completing his Engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch, he started his own architectural agency, giving him his first taste in project development. In 2002, Peter founded the company Certitudo Capital with a focus on Private Equity and M&A activities. Five years later, the organisation became part of the Certitudo Capital Group. Together with Niels de Bruijn and Tessa Kuiten, Peter completes the management board of Certitudo Capital.

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Niels de Bruijn
Mr. Niels de BruijnChief Legal Officer

After graduating in Private Law, Niels de Bruijn completed his vocational education in Real Estate Law from the Dutch Bar Association. As a lawyer specialising in Construction Law and Private Law, he worked at ARAG and as corporate lawyer at Elzent Investments. Niels has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2008, initially as property lawyer. In 2015, he also became co-director of Certitudo Capital Group.

Tessa Kuiten
Tessa C.A.M.C. KuitenManaging Director

Tessa Kuiten attended the Koning Willem I College in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where she studied Banking, Insurance and Real Estate. She then attained her propaedeutic diploma in Management, Economics & Law. Tessa has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2008. On 1 January 2019, she was appointed Managing Director. She manages the organisation together with Peter Kuiten and Niels de Bruin.

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Karin HoevenaarsPersonal Assistant

Karin has been part of the Certitudo Capital team since February 2019. As extension and right-hand woman of management, she performs a wide range of secretarial tasks.

Niek A.J. BroeijerChief Structured Finance

Niek Broeijer worked at Dollard Capital for over five years after previously working for five years at Hanzevast Capital as Finance Director. Before that, he held various positions within the banking sector. Niek has been employed with Certitudo Capital since September 2017. As Chief Structured Finance, he is responsible for risk & compliance and structured finance within the Certitudo Capital Group.

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Stan KleuskensAssistant Investment Management

Stan Kleuskens completed the Real Estate and Brokerage course at Fontys Hogeschool in February 2019. He did an internship at Certitudo Capital for a year and also worked on his graduation project here. Stan has been employed by our company since 1 March 2019. As Assistant Investment Management he assists Niek Broeijer with his activities in the risk&Compliance and structured Finance.

Jeanine A.J.M.T. van Grieken-OerlemansAssistant Investment Management

After occupying roles that supported policy at Private Investments and Kempen & Co Projectmanagement, Jeanine van Grieken–Oerlemans progressed to the role of Fund Management Specialist at the latter firm. In the spring of 2019, Jeanine transitioned over to Certitudo, where she supports the Investment Management team with a variety of activities.

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Anouk van Alebeek
Anouk van AlebeekSecretary Investment MGMT

As an extension of the Investment- and Asset Management, Anouk performs various secretarial duties. She has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2015. Before Anouk joined Certitudo Capital, she worked at medical device supplier NTOC medische techniek BV and Titus Brandsmalyceum secondary school in Oss.

Toon de KoningProject Development Management Member

Toon de Koning was involved in Stam + De Koning - now part of VolkerWessels - from its inception. As the director of VolkerWessels Bouw en Vastgoedontwikkeling Nederland, he was largely responsible for the sensational transformation of the former Philips complex, Strijp-S in Eindhoven. At the end of 2018, Toon left this role in order to focus on his own company, Interesting Vastgoed. On 1 August 2019, he joined the Certitudo Development Group management. He is partly responsible for project development and provides valuable advice with regard to the further growth of Certitudo.

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Chris van den Dungen
Chris W.M. van den DungenChief Property Development

Chris van den Dungen worked for many years at Lisman Inter Holding. In 2011, he made the switch to Certitudo Capital where he is responsible for all project development activities of the Certitudo Capital Group.

Niels M
Ing. Niels C.A.M. Marijnissen Project Director

Niels Marijnissen attained his Master of Real Estate degree at the TIAS Business School of Tilburg University. He has been working in real estate since 2007. In November 2016, Niels joined the team at Certitudo Capital. Under the supervision of Chris van den Dungen, he is responsible for the new construction project development within the Certitudo Capital Group.

Piet Hein
Piet-Hein ErdmanProject Director

After completing the Master of Real Estate programme at the UVA, Piet-Hein Erdman held various development positions at ING Real Estate Development and ASR Property & Development , among others. In recent years he headed the Property & Asset Management team at Jones Lang LaSalle. Starting in the spring of 2019, in addition to his contribution towards the further growth of the project development team, Piet-Hein has been focusing on the area developments in Amersfoort (De Hoef) and Delft (Stationsgebied Zuid).

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Erwin KoedamProject Developer

Erwin Koedam began his professional career at Quadraat Projectmanagement. Here, he progressed from the role of project manager to area developer and then area development team leader. Erwin joined Certitudo Capital as technical project developer in the summer of 2019. In this role, Erwin facilitates the continued technical development of various new-build locations, situated in development areas.

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Bart P.A. van Hoek
Bart P.A. van HoekProject Developer

Bart van Hoek studied Engineering & Management; a contractor's education with a strong practical focus. Certitudo Capital has been Bart's place of work since 2015, where he is responsible for technical project development.

Wilbert W.A. SmitsProject Developer

Wilbert Smits attended the Avans University of Applied Sciences, where he studied Engineering Business Administration. He completed his internship at Certitudo Capital and began his career here in 2015. Wilbert is the first assistant of Chris van den Dungen and, in that role, is closely involved with the project development activities within the Certitudo Capital Group.

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Yasmine C. BouatouProject Developer

Yasmine Bouatou completed her studies in Building Management & Real Estate in 2016. She then spent her first working years gaining experience with different project developers. In 2018, Yasmine joined the team at Certitudo Capital. As junior project developer, she is involved with a variety of project development activities under the management of Chris van den Dungen.

Nona N.C.C. KuitenProject Development Secretary

In recent years, Nona Kuiten has represented the face and voice of Certitudo for visitors and associates in the role of receptionist. Since August 2019, she has been supporting the Project Development team with a variety of secretarial duties. Nona is supported by her colleague, Ellen Meijer in the role of receptionist.

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Roeland H.J. de GruyterInvestment Management Participate

After completing his Economics and Electrical Engineering studies, Roeland de Gruyter began his career at Deloitte Corporate Finance. He then worked in the banking sector for more than eight years as manager of special management. As of October 2018, Roeland has brought his extensive experience in the field of business management, corporate finance and restructuring into the Certitudo organisation. He is responsible for the participations within Certitudo Capital.

Peter P
Peter J.M. PoirtersBusiness Development

As of 1 October 2019, Peter Poirters, former partner at Witlox van den Boomen, will join the Advisory Council of Certitudo Capital in ’s-Hertogenbosch. In this role, Peter Poirters will take care of, among other things, investment management and participations.

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Maurice L.G.A. Beks RAFinancial Manager

Maurice Beks has been in the accountancy game for over 16 years. He worked at KPMG, among others, where he was responsible for overseeing auditing projects as Audit Manager. Maurice has been working at Certitudo Capital as Financial Manager since May 2016. In his role, he holds final responsibility for the Finance department and reports directly to management.

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Kees L.A. MaasAssistant Financial Manager

Kees Maas has been employed with Certitudo Capital since 2016. In the Finance department, he is the right-hand man of financial manager Maurice Beks.

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Noortje Kuiten
Noortje H.J.C. KuitenFinance

Noortje Kuiten completed her Accountancy studies and subsequently joined Certitudo Capital in 2010. Together with Mimi Commandeur, she looks after the entire financial administration of all companies and participations within the Certitudo Capital Group.

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Mimi W.J.T.M. CommandeurFinance

Mimi Commandeur has many years of experience in various administrative positions at different companies. Mimi began working at Certitudo Capital in 2018. Together with Noortje Kuiten, she looks after the entire financial administration of all companies and participations within the Certitudo Capital Group.

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Joep M. HoverProperty Management

Joep Hover is currently studying Corporate Real Estate. He does this next to his job at Certitudo Capital, where Joep has been responsible for the property management of the commercial real estate since 2015.

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Robert CiggaarAsset Management

Robert Ciggaar has over 3.5 years of experience as Senior Asset Manager with Hudson Advisors and Propertize. In his role there, he was jointly responsible for optimising the portfolio. Prior to that, he worked at PingProperties. Robert has been employed with Certitudo Capital since January 2019. His arrival is a welcome addition and boost for our Asset Management team. Among other areas, Robert's main focus is on the Amsterdam portfolio.

Marc Knuiman
Marc KnuimanHead of Property Management

Marc Knuiman is an al-round technical manager. He gained experience at the likes of CBRE and DTZ Zadelhoff, where he was responsible for shopping centres, retail parks and individual retail premises from both a technical and facilities perspective. Marc joined the Certitudo Asset and Property Management team in the summer of 2019, where his remit includes the management of both retail and commercial property.

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Rob Visser
Rob VisserProperty Management

After completing his Facility Management study, Rob Visser worked for TCN Property Projects and ARRA Management, amongst others. His responsibilities included the technical and facilities management of the property portfolio. In 2015, Rob joined the team at Certitudo Capital where he looks after the property management of various projects.

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Bart Kort
Bart KorthalsProperty Management

Bart Korthals completed his education in Property and Real Estate in 2007. He subsequently gained experience as property manager with Camelot Property Management. Bart has been part of the Certitudo team since 2015. He is responsible for the administrative and technical side of the property management.

Vincent P.G. van HerpenProperty Management

Vincent van Herpen passed his propaedeutic exam in Engineering Management and subsequently began his university Business Studies. Vincent has been working at Certitudo Capital since February 2017, where he handles the technical management of the entire portfolio of the Certitudo Capital Group.

Bas Gösgens
Bas GosgensService Desk Staff

Prior to joining Certitudo, Bas Gösgens held various financial-administrative, coordinating and commercial positions at companies operating in the banking and communities sectors. He joined the Certitudo team as a member of the Service Desk team in April 2019. Alongside Vincent van Herpen, Bas takes care of the technical management of the entire Certitudo Capital Group portfolio.

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Stefan KuiteniResidence Manager

Upon completion of his MER Real Estate & Brokerage qualification at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven, Stefan Kuiten worked at Staete Makelaars for seven years. He started out as assistant broker in the new build department and became NVM certified 18 months later. As Registered Broker and Registered Home Valuer he was subsequently made branch manager of a new Staete Makelaardij branch in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Stefan joined Certitudo on 1 April 2019. He is responsible for the direction and management of the iResidence portfolio and supports the team in their daily activities.

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Eefje van EijckProperty Management

Eefje van Eijck joined the property management team at Certitudo Capital in 2015. The team, which is made up of Krystle Hoogerbrugge, Lonie Jongejan and herself, is the point of contact for all tenants in the iResidence housing portfolio. In her role, Eefje is jointly responsible for all rental activities of the properties.

Krystle HoogerbruggeProperty Management

Krystle Hoogerbrugge has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2010. She is, together with Eefje van Eijck and Lonie Jongejan, the point of contact for all tenants in the iResidence housing portfolio. In her role, Krystle is jointly responsible for all rental activities of the properties.

Lonie M.R. JongejanProperty Management

Lonie Jongejan previously worked for a real estate agent before joining Certitudo Capital in 2018. Together with Krystle Hoogerbrugge and Eefje van Eijck, she is the point of contact for all tenants in the iResidence housing portfolio. As such, Lonie is jointly responsible for all rental activities of the properties.

Ellen L.M. MeijerReceptionist

Over the years, Ellen Meijer has held various roles that drew on her hospitality and organisational skills. She joined the Certitudo team in the summer of 2019. Ellen is responsible for the switchboard operations and for welcoming our visitors. In addition, she also performs various secretarial duties.

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CSR and Sustainability

As a family business, Certitudo Capital places great importance on sustainability. By acknowledging that we only have this earth ‘on loan’ from the generations after us, we strive to find a responsible balance between People, Planet and Profit in everything we do.

The increasing sustainability challenges our world is facing means that the property world, too, is going through a drastic transition. Certitudo Capital is no exception. We take our responsibility seriously in this transition, we develop and gather knowledge, and contribute to a better, cleaner and more sustainable world. This applies in our internal business operation, such as through minimising paper usage, installing LED lighting with sensors and driving electric company cars. And it also applies to our developments and projects. Matters concerning the financing, design, and material and installation choices are always approached from the ambitious viewpoint to implement the most sustainable solution.

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Certitudo Capital is affiliated with the Dutch Green Building Council. This non-profit organisation is committed to making the built environment sustainable and, in doing so, aims to play a key role in the transition to a circular economy. By combining this ambition with the Global Goals we have adopted, we are able to make a meaningful contribution towards a sustainable society.