About us

Certitudo Capital was founded in 2002 and is a private project developer and real estate investor based in ’s-Hertogenbosch. The company is active in the fields of both commercial and residential real estate, land ownership rights and transformations of existing real estate, as well as in the area of takeovers of existing real estate portfolios or companies.

When it was founded in 2002, Certitudo Capital was part of the Elzent Investments Groep in Eindhoven. After the legal division of Elzent Investments in 2007, Certitudo Capital started operating as an independent organisation run by Peter Kuiten and was accommodated within the Certitudo Capital Group whose continued operations are now shared with board member Niels de Bruijn.

With a national, buoyant real estate portfolio and a highly-qualified team, Certitudo Capital's aim is to concentrate even more on expanding its portfolio in the coming years.


The Team

Ing. Peter J.L.C. KuitenChief Executive Officer

Peter has been involved in property development since 1990. Having studied Architecture at the Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences, he started an architectural firm which spurred his involvement in property development. In 1994, Peter entered into a partnership with Huybregts Van Boldrik and went on to found development company CRA Vastgoed. In 2000, Peter started Elzent Investments BV to build his own real estate portfolio. In 2002, he moved into Private Equity and M&A with Certitudo Capital. Five years later, Certitudo Capital was placed in the Certitudo Capital Group after being legally separated from Elzent Investments BV.

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Niels de Bruijn
Mr. Niels de BruijnChief Legal Officer

After studying Private Law at university, Niels completed his education in Property Law with the Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (The Netherlands Bar). He has worked as a lawyer in Construction Law and Private Law at ARAG and as a corporate lawyer at Elzent Investments. Since 2008, Niels has been working at Certitudo Capital. Originally a property lawyer, he has been co-director of Certitudo Capital Group since 2015.

Tessa Kuiten
Tessa C.A.M.C. KuitenChief Commercial Officer

Tessa’s responsibilities cover office management, marketing & communications and HRM policy. She is also a member of the management team. Tessa has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2008. After her education in Banking, Insurance and Property at Koning Willem I College in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, she completed a foundation course in Management, Economics & Law.

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Annette G. FransExecutive Secretary

As an extension of the company’s board, Annette performs various secretarial duties. She has been working at Certitudo Capital since June 2018. Before Annette joined Certitudo Capital, she worked at JLL Netherlands and Vreede Advocaten.

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Maurice L.G.A. Beks RAFinancial Manager

Maurice is the Financial Manager at Certitudo Capital. He has been working in accountancy for more than 16 years at firms including KPMG, where he was most recently responsible for audits as an Audit Manager. At Certitudo Capital, Maurice is ultimately responsible for the Finance department and reports directly to the company’s board.

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Gert-Jan de RooijChief Investment Management

Gert-Jan de Rooij has been responsible for the entire iRetail portfolio at Certitudo Capital Group since 1 July 2017. In addition, he is in charge of structuring and investment management for the group. For more than 17 years, Gert-Jan worked at A.S. Watson H&B Continental, spending twelve of those years as Real Estate Director.

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Niek A.J. BroeijerChief Structured Finance

Niek has been Chief Structured Finance Officer since 1 September 2017, responsible for risk & compliance and structured finance within Certitudo Capital Group. For more than five years, he worked at Dollard Capital and was Finance Director at Hanzevast Capital for five years prior to that. Previously, he held various positions in the banking sector.

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Anouk van Alebeek
Anouk van AlebeekSecretary Investment MGMT

As an extension of the Investment- and Asset Management, Anouk performs various secretarial duties. She has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2015. Before Anouk joined Certitudo Capital, she worked at medical device supplier NTOC medische techniek BV and Titus Brandsmalyceum secondary school in Oss.

Chris van den Dungen
Chris W.M. van den DungenProperty Development

Chris is in charge of all property development activities at Certitudo Capital Group. Previously, he worked at Lisman Inter Holding for several years. Chris has been with Certitudo since 2011.

Niels M
Ing. Niels C.A.M. Marijnissen Property Development

Niels works under the management of Chris van den Dungen and is responsible for property development within Certitudo Capital Group. He has been working in real estate since 2007 and joined Certitudo in November 2016. Niels completed his Master’s in Real Estate at Tilburg University’s TIAS Business School.

Bart P.A. van Hoek
Bart P.A. van HoekProperty Development

Bart is responsible for technical property management. He studied Engineering & Management (contractors’ course) and joined Certitudo in 2015.

Wilbert W.A. SmitsProperty Development

Wilbert is Chris van den Dungen’s number two. Having studied Technical Building Management at Avans University of Applied Sciences, he did a work placement at Certitudo Capital Group, becoming a member of staff in 2015.

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Yasmine C. BouatouProperty Development

Yasmine has been working at Certitudo since October 2018 as Junior Project developer led by Chris van den Dungen. In 2016 she completed her education in Building Management & Real Estate.

Noortje Kuiten
Noortje H.J.C. KuitenFinance

Together with Hanneke van Breugel, Noortje is responsible for the entire administration of all the companies and investments of Certitudo Capital Group. After completing her studies in Accountancy, Noortje came to Certitudo in 2010.

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Kees L.A. MaasAssistant Financial Manager

Kees Maas is at Certitudo Capital the assistant of the Financial Manager. Kees has worked several years with Imtech and Vital Flex and studied Business Economics.

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Nona N.C.C. KuitenReceptionist

Nona is responsible for managing the switchboard and welcoming visitors to Certitudo. She also has various secretarial duties. For several years, Nona worked for a debt recovery agency.

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Joost van KasterenVerhuurmanager iResidence

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Rob Visser
Rob VisserProperty Management

Since 2015, Rob has been responsible for property management on a variety of projects at Certitudo Capital Group. After finishing his studies in Facility Management, he was responsible for the technical and facility management of the real estate portfolio at firms including TCN Property Projects and ARRA Management.

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joep (1)
Joep M. HoverProperty Management

Joep is responsible for commercial property management at Certitudo. He is also pursuing a course in Business Brokerage alongside his work.

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Bart Kort
Bart KorthalsProperty Management

Bart is in charge of administrative and technical property management. He has been working at Certitudo Capital Group since 2015. In 2007, Bart completed a course in Property and Brokerage, going on to acquire experience as a property manager at Camelot Vastgoedbeheer.

Krystle HoogerbruggeProperty Management

Together with Eefje van Eijck and Celine Zegger, Krystle is the point of contact for all tenants in Certitudo Capital Group’s iResidence portfolio. She is jointly responsible for all residential leasing activities. Krystle has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2010.

Eefje van EijckProperty Management

Together with Krystle Hoogerbrugge and Celine Zegger, Eefje is the point of contact for all tenants in Certitudo Capital Group’s iResidence portfolio. She is jointly responsible for all residential leasing activities. Eefje has been working at Certitudo Capital since 2015.

Vincent P.G. van HerpenService Employee Real Estate

Vincent van Herpen is responsible for the technical management of the residential portfolio and is the technical contact for all residential tenants. Vincent received his first year Industrial Engineering and is now beside his work still training Business Administration at the University.

Corporate Social Responsibility performance ladder

A lot of organisations regard sustainability as an extremely important aspect of their business. This is equally true of Certitudo Capital. For this we use the CSR performance ladder which demonstrates, as a certification standard, that an organisation tangibly and demonstrably shows that it is engaged in sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sustainability plays an important role inside and outside our organisation. As a consequence, our aim during our projects is always the highest possible energy label.


duurzaamheid (1)


Real estate and sustainability go hand-in-hand at Certitudo Capital. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental element of our business operations. Examples include paper saving, LED lighting with motion sensors and our numerous electric cars.

Sustainable business also means reducing vacancy levels. Our iResidence portfolio is an excellent example of that.

Certitudo Capital is also affiliated as a participant in the Dutch Green Building Council. The Dutch Green Building Council is an independent group that aims to make urban environments sustainable. For more information click here