Focus on circularity

Urban high-rise buildings with a focus on circularity are the sustainable and future-proof answer to a wide range of spatial planning issues. With climate change, we are also facing extreme weather conditions, which means that buildings will have to be able to withstand flooding and heat stress, for example.

Right from the concept development stage, we start looking at ways of conserving the environment surrounding a project. By working around this aspect, the existing ecosystem does not necessarily need to be replaced with new greenery. This can also lead to a different, often less conventional, building design.

We develop projects using as few materials as possible, both in the construction and the finishing work. This is not only better for the environment, but it also factors in the availability of raw materials. Our choice of materials is also as sustainable, affordable and high quality as possible. In addition, we are also able to construct buildings that can be deconstructed and dismantled.

There is also a social aspect to sustainability. Establishing fewer but better, long-lasting relationships ensures efficiency. Working with fixed partners makes it unnecessary to constantly search for suitable parties and learn each other’s working methods – that costs time and money. Another social aspect of sustainability involves the living environment and the future residents or users of a building. The environment has to be as sustainable and versatile as possible and people have to want to live, work and meet each other there. A property needs to be affordable and in line with the social context such as the neighbourhood as well as the target group and their expectations. Only then will it be future-proof with a building that can serve its purpose for a long time.

Certitudo Capital is a member of the Dutch Green Building Council which works together with four hundred parties from the construction and real estate world to create a sustainable environment. At a minimum, our development projects comply with the applicable sustainability requirements, but they also often go above and beyond the standards. We always strive to obtain the highest possible energy label.

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