Thursday 16 June 2022


‘S-HERTOGENBOSCH, 29 October 2021 | In the spring, Certitudo Capital started working on the re-development of Hertzberger Park in Apeldoorn, designed by the well-known architect Herman Hertzberger. Due to the long lead time involved in the development, the building stood empty and fell victim to vandalism and deterioration. The damage has now been repaired and the building is being safeguarded. A new development vision and plan are being prepared. The building will occupy a central place in the new mixed-use area to be created.

The building has now been cleared and made completely wind and watertight. In addition, Certitudo Capital, together with the police and the municipality, has drafted a plan to make the monument less susceptible to vandalism. Among other efforts, security measures and cameras have been put in place. Maintenance has also been carried out in the green areas around the building.

Arno van den Thillart, Director of Project Development at Certitudo Capital: “We share the same concerns as Apeldoorn residents and architecture enthusiasts. Since the beginning of the re-development process, we have dedicated ourselves to giving this iconic building the future it deserves. So we are now thrilled to have reached the point where we can once again start looking towards the future together.”

Certitudo Capital is currently working on a revitalised development vision, which will be submitted to the municipality in November. It is a vision that concerns ‘The Rock’ – the section designed by Hertzberger – the Pakhoed towers and the current parking area. An integral approach has been chosen in order to create a new area for people to live and work. As a part of this area development, the existing buildings will be revitalised and new buildings will be added. The plan consists mainly of residential units with a number of neighbourhood service facilities and workplaces.

Herman Hertzberger In 1972, architect Herman Hertzberger designed his most iconic building. For years it was known as the Centraal Beheer building, but Certitudo Capital has renamed it Hertzberger Park. Winy Maas of MVRDV is involved in the redevelopment as an architect and is working together with Mr Hertzberger.

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