Certitudo Capital, Palladium Group and Delft municipality sign partnership on development of Motorenweg

Thursday 3 June 2021

Certitudo Capital, Palladium Group and Delft municipality sign partnership on development of Motorenweg

Thursday 3 June 2021

The developers Certitudo Capital and Palladium Group Nederland have signed a collaboration agreement with the municipality of Delft for the development of the area between Motorenweg and Tanthofdreef. The ambition is to change the location with companies and offices into a lively and future-oriented neighborhood with homes, workplaces and facilities. The plans are in line with the renewal of the Delft Campus station area and are part of the broader Schieoevers area development.

Certitudo Capital owns the former office buildings at Tanthofdreef 3, Motorenweg 23 and Motorenweg 31-33. Palladium Group has leasehold plots of land from the Municipality of Delft at Motorenweg 5. The developers will be working on an urban development plan for the area in the near future. It states, among other things, where building is allowed, what may be built and what the public space will generally look like. The urban development plan is drawn up in consultation with the municipality and other stakeholders.

Nico Hoogendoorn, director of Palladium Group Nederland: “The business and office strip has fulfilled its function well in recent decades, but now deserves an upgrade. We will do our utmost to create a pleasant living and working environment here, together with the Municipality of Delft and the co-developers.”

Arno van den Thillart, director of project development at Certitudo Capital, sees a lot of potential: “The location of the plots in the station area in combination with the large housing assignment in Delft means that we see great opportunities here. In doing so, we look beyond our own plot: we are currently shaping the wider area in collaboration with the Municipality of Delft and other parties involved. That is a great challenge for us.”

Renewal Delft Campus station area
The urban development plan for Motorenweg is an important building block in the area vision for the Delft Campus station area. Until 2030, the station area will develop into a pleasant and easily accessible place, where more people can live and work.

Stephan Brandligt, alderman for Schieoevers, explains: “The strip on Motorenweg forms an important link between the Tanthof district, the new, energy-neutral train station, the TU district and Schieoevers. By combining homes and workplaces with new facilities at this location, Motorenweg contributes to a lively station area that connects the surrounding districts.”

Planning and follow-up
The intention is that the area vision for the Delft Campus station area will be completed in the summer. Stakeholders, including local residents and other Delft residents, are invited to contribute ideas. The area vision and the urban development plan together form a basis for further plans for Motorenweg.

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