Future-proof living and working

ESG is playing an increasingly important role within the real estate sector. This not only concerns the environmental aspect of sustainability – such as the energy efficiency of buildings – but it also involves the social aspects of sustainability. For example, real estate plays an important role in creating a pleasant living environment with a focus on social aspects, something that is reflected in community life. But living comfort and affordability are also important in making a home future-proof. One central principle at Certitudo Real Estate is that real estate should be valuable, but at the same time affordable. We want to create pleasant spaces in a nice environment that enjoys the highest levels of user quality.

The properties in our investment portfolio have energy labels A, B or C or are being made more sustainable. We are constantly examining new opportunities for implementing additional measures to make our portfolio even more sustainable, going over and beyond the legal requirements. In doing so, we are helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions, helping the residents of our buildings by lowering energy costs, and fulfilling the expectations of investors and funds.

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