Bouwgroep Moonen

Bouwgroep Moonen is a medium-sized, all-round construction company in the residential and non-residential construction sectors for new buildings, large-scale renovation and transformation. The geographical focus is on Brabant, the A2 ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Amsterdam axis and the western Randstad.

Optimisation of the process within the organisation and construction chain leads to greater efficiency and enjoyment. We build sustainably, both on the built environment and on relationships with all stakeholders. Whether a building becomes a sustainable building is often determined by our clients, but the fact that we carry out our work in a sustainable manner is something we have control over ourselves. 

By being involved in a building project at an early stage, Bouwgroep Moonen can contribute its knowledge of the construction process to offer maximum added value for the client. This added value is not in what we build but in how we build it. By having 80% of a project mapped out and worked out before we start building, we reduce cost price, costs of failure, construction time and inconvenience, increasing the enjoyment of a clean and safe construction site for all stakeholders.

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