Prime Dental Alliance

Chain formation in the dental sector has been on the rise for years. Patients today expect their dentist to provide a comprehensive range of dental services with excellent value for money at a time that suits them. This total package and keeping both professional knowledge and practice facilities up to date requires substantial investments in time, equipment, systems and further training. In addition, the practice owner is burdened with additional tasks and responsibilities as a practice owner: purchasing, billing, human resources, recruitment, marketing and so on – activities that are time-consuming, require specialist knowledge and are not necessarily what people are after. 

Prime Dental Alliance offers the practice owner all the advantages of synergy and cooperation, but does not believe in a business model of far-reaching centralisation and standardisation with the aim of generating as much profit as possible. Dentists, orthodontists, periodontists and so on are professionals who, based on their expertise and autonomy, wish to determine for themselves how they care for their patients. Over the years, they have established a practice and built up relationships with patients, suppliers and laboratories. These professionals do not want to be 
dictated to how they should do their work, but they do see the advantages that a chain can offer. However, loss of autonomy is a common reason why many practices have not yet joined a chain: the fear of ending up straitjacketed and losing control of their practice.

PDA will distinguish itself in the dental market by offering the practice owner excellent opportunities to secure the continuity and quality of the practice under attractive financial conditions while retaining its autonomy, identity and signature. A wide range of services, purchasing advantages and partnerships are offered so that the oral care professional can fully concentrate on his/her core activities. An alliance that oral care professionals want to participate in and help build with confidence. 

Together for the oral care of the future.

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