Certitudo Capital acquires portfolio ‘s-Hertogenbosch city centre

Certitudo Capital acquired various properties in the historical city centre of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The portfolio is called ‘Bossche Iconen’ and will be structured as a long-term investment. The properties formed part of the VDG portfolio.

Every single Bossche Icoon has a story to tell, has had a myriad of functions over the years and has been built and rebuilt in architectural styles from numerous periods. Bossche Icoon “De Roodenburg” at Markt 73, for example, houses “Hunkemöller on the ground floor and seven apartments on the floors. Hotel Bossche Suites is established in the monumental building at the Stationsweg 2-4 and Bagels & Beans serves breakfast and lunch at Hooge Steenweg 34.

Van Deursen Group about the sale: “Disposing the properties allows Van Deursen Group to focus on developing urban working and living areas. It is part of our strategy to scale down our retail portfolio.”

 People from ‘s-Hertogenbosch are proud of their city; it is one of the country’s oldest and best-preserved medieval cities. Certitudo Capital aims to treasure the city’s historical heritage for the next generation.

For more information about the Bossche Iconen and their medieval tales, famous former residents, architectural styles and functions please visit www.bossche-iconen.nl.