Certitudo Capital and councilman Ivens transfer keys Trinity Buildings Amsterdam to new residents

Friday, May 21, 2021

During a ceremony by councilman Ivens of the city of Amsterdam, the keys of Trinity Buildings have been transferred to the first new residents of the building. Three former office buildings in Amsterdam’s new urban district have been transformed into a modern apartment building boasting 133 rental apartments.

Trinity Buildings’ three towers include 4 social housing properties, 102 mid-range rental properties and 27 private sector properties in various apartment typologies. All the apartments have been finished to a luxury standard and come complete with all the mod cons one might expect. The latest sustainability measures ensure low energy costs. The residents share a spacious city garden and an underground parking for bicycles and cars. Train and metro station Holendrecht is located next-door. With no shortage of cafés, bars, restaurants, shops and sports facilities close by, the Trinity Buildings also benefit from excellent infrastructure and modern, green surroundings.

Tower C is the first to be completed, tenants will take up residence from this weekend onwards. Tower A will follow late May, tower B in August.

Stephan van den Berg, one of the new Trinity Buildings’ residents, is looking forward towards moving in: “Currently, my housemate Atze and I live in the north of Amsterdam. However, the excellent accessibility, future developments and high-rise buildings in Amstel III were decisive in our decision to move to this area. We are now sharing 25 square metres, our new apartment boasts 70 square metres. A welcome improvement as we are both still in university.”

As agreed with the municipality, Certitudo Capital prioritises local inhabitants from the Southeast area, as well as people with key occupations. Few apartments are still available for lease, see www.trinitybuildings.nl for more information.

Ramon van Stekelenborg, Asset Manager at Certitudo Capital: “In alignment with the area vision we aimed to attract a mixed target group. Therefore Trinity Buildings has apartments in various categories. As amongst the tenants we find people from all different backgrounds and regions, we may conclude that we succeeded. Trinity Buildings is the first in line of many more housing developments by Certitudo Capital in Amstel III.”

Amstel III

The former office buildings in Amstel III make way for a new, green urban area where living is combined with working and relaxing. Different types of buildings arise; family homes and high-rise apartment buildings with shared facilities like laundry rooms, roof terraces and shared cars. Many hospitality venues as well as social amenities like schools, community centres and youth centres will settle here. The municipality of Amsterdam and various developers – including Certitudo Capital – are transforming this former office area into a lively city district in which living, working and recreation all come together.

The area enjoys good facilities. Public spaces are being modernised, made more sustainable and greened too. In the middle of Amstel III, a 36,000 square city park arises. The streets around Trinity Buildings will be low-traffic. The area has excellent accessibility with two metro lines, a railway line, multiple bus routes and highways A2 and A9 right around the corner.

A total of 30,000 homes are due to be built here by 2040, as part of the biggest area transformation project in the Netherlands to date. Certitudo Capital realises 1,600 homes here, including at &Amsterdam. Trinity Buildings is the first residential development to be completed here.