Certitudo Capital is building Amstel NEXT: the office of the future in Amsterdam Southeast

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Certitudo Capital is building Amstel NEXT: the office of the future in Amsterdam Southeast. Four communal rooftop gardens. Large windows filling the office with natural light. Fresh air. Sharing facilities for cars, mopeds and bicycles. The possibility to meet and have lunch surrounded by greenery. All these features combined not only make Amstel NEXT one of the most pleasant working environments of Amsterdam, but also one of the more sustainable ones. Real estate developer Certitudo Capital and the Amsterdam City Council have signed an agreement for the development of 10.600 sq. m. office space, giving the green light for the start of the construction.

This is the first development for Certitudo Capital in Bullewijk, which is part of the Amstel III area stretching from the tracks next to the Johan Cruijff ArenA to hospital AMC. Amstel III currently is an office area, this development will transform it into a lively, new and multi-functional urban district where people can live, work and relax. Until 2027, approximately 5.000 residences will be built in Amstel III and by 2030 no less than 30.000 residences will be built in the whole Southeast area. Certitudo Capital has various sites within Amstel III and is closely involved in the urban development and design of Amstel III, alongside Amsterdam local authority and other private owners.

Prelude to larger development
Next year, Certitudo Capital will also start the transformation of the Trinity Buildings at the Pietersbergweg 1-47 into 133 homes, followed by a number of projects. Altogether, approximately 1.250 residencies, 35.000 sq. m. office space and 4.000 sq. m. facilities will be realized in the Amstel III area.

Amstel NEXT: sustainable ambitions
Amstel NEXT is all about building in a sustainable manner. The building process will be prepped completely, minimizing the duration and inconvenience. Building in a modular way makes it possible to meet tenant requirements -like the floor plan- and adapt to changing tenant needs during exploitation. Building modules are interchangeable, which allows the project to continually adjust to present-day needs, giving significance to circular construction.

Certitudo Capital not only strives for optimal sustainable performance during the development phase, but during the whole lifetime of the building. The goal for this development is to reach climate class A++ and a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ score. This will be realized by the installation of solar panels, a heat and cold storage installation, charging stations for electric vehicles and possibilities for car-sharing. Therewith, the development will comply with the sustainability policy of the Amsterdam City Council.  

Check this website for the latest news on Amstel NEXT: www.amstelnext.com.