Jan Kempkens joins Certitudo Capital as Project Development Management Member

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

As of May 1st, Jan Kempkens – former Board Member BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland – joins Certitudo Capitals Project Development Management Team. 

Jan Kempkens has been working for BAM for 34 years. First as engineer, planner and project supervisor, where he was responsible for the construction of the 'Gelredome' in Arnhem. Later, in 1997, as Regional Director at BAM Utiliteitsbouw Grote Projecten. In this role, he supervised many large projects around Amsterdam ArenA, the renovation and extension of the World Trade Center at Zuidas, the engineering and construction of the Prinsenhofcomplex in The Hague and the technical development and realisation of the Euroborg in Groningen. In 2006 he continued his career as Director BAM Utiliteitsbouw B.V., ten years later he joined the board of BAM Bouw en Vastgoed Nederland - in which all construction & property activities of Koninklijke BAM Groep Nederland are organised.

Tessa Kuiten, Managing Director at Certitudo Capital: “Jan Kempkens brings a wealth of experience, know-how and expertise to his new role, which will be very useful in realising the planned developments. From his role as member of the project development team, he will also act as CEO for Super C. Here, he works at the intersection between project development and realisation."

Super C, a partnership initiated by Certitudo Capital, specializes in urban high-rise projects based on integrated BIM development. Which means the production mainly takes place off-site on a modular base. During the complete process, the quality is assessed by a TIS-organisation (Technical Inspection Service), thereby complying to the 'Wet Kwaliteitsborging' with the additional advantage that the project can be guaranteed against hidden defects. Super C builds at Amstel III in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, where Certitudo Capital develops over 1.500 houses, 30.000 sq. m. office space and 6.500 sq. m. facilities. 

Jan Kempkens: “In this role I will focus on developing housing solutions that are feasible from a technical and commercial point of view. This role provides me with the right foundation to strive for the best quality and the right price for all project developers. To do so, we will anticipate to trends in the market: collaboration in the supply chain, sustainability in the building industry and the shift to prefab building and standardization."