Final design office building Hettenheuvelweg 26 Amsterdam approved by municipality of Amsterdam

Monday, March 22, 2021

Certitudo Capital has obtained approval from the municipality of Amsterdam for the final design of the new Amstel NEXT office building to be realized. The future-proof office of approximately 10,000 sqm is located at Hettenheuvelweg 26 in Amsterdam's newest urban district Amstel III. Construction is scheduled to start in Q4 2021.

Amstel III
The former Amstel III office park is making way for a vibrant city district where living, working and recreation come together. More than 2,000 homes and amenities will be added by 2040. Public space is also being redesigned: people who are going to live and work here will soon, among other things, be able to enjoy the enormous Hondsrug Park. The central green oasis of Amstel III, which has over 36,000 sqm. Amstel NEXT is located near both this park and a green courtyard.

Amstel NEXT
The design includes many special features such as exceptionally large and flexible floor areas, a coffee lounge and restaurant in the plinth and three spacious roof terraces with space for meeting and relaxation. The building carries the energy label A ++++ and a BREEAM-NL "Excellent" certification.

In order to be able to offer office users a healthy working environment in the future as well, Amstel NEXT will be equipped with an innovative new ventilation system in which air does not come from the ceiling but from the floor. The windows in all office spaces can also be opened. Partly because of this, future users of Amstel NEXT can optimally benefit from a future-proof and safe office building. Because as Daphne Pronk, Head of Agency at JLL states: “Experts warn that this pandemic is not an incident, but a precursor to more pandemics. We are therefore not creating a corona-resistant office, but a pandemic-resistant office. The changes to the design and the choice for the innovative ventilation system contribute to achieving the higher goal: creating the ultimate future-proof office building. ”

JLL and Colliers are looking for a suitable user: “With all the changes of the past year, both the search profile of the ideal user and the demand from the user have changed. We are looking for a user whose vision and ambitions match the vision and ambitions that Certitudo Capital has with Amstel NEXT, ”says Olivier Verburgt, Director Agency at Colliers.

The building permit for Amstel NEXT is expected in the fourth quarter of this year, after which construction will start.