Erik Bax Senior Advisor at Certitudo Capital

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Erik Bax fulfills the role of Senior Advisor at Certitudo Participate, part of Certitudo Capital. Certitudo Participate invests in promising companies that operate in growth markets and offers growth opportunities, where necessary management reinforcement and access to the extensive network of Certitudo Capital.

Certitudo Participate likes to work with passionate entrepreneurs and gives them the wings they need to realize their ambitions. This by strengthening entrepreneurship with the expertise of Certitudo Participate: overseeing markets, identifying trends and offering solid risk management.

Erik Bax started his career in 1984 at CRH, an international manufacturer and distributor of building materials. He held various management positions there and was CEO of the European division of the company from 2010. Later in his career he was COO and member of the Board of Directors of BAM Groep NV. He has extensive experience as a commissioner at various companies in the construction sector. At Certitudo Capital he is Senior Advisor for Certitudo Participate and advises management on strategy, structure and acquisitions.