Certitudo Capital signs long-term rental agreement with Sportfondsen

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Certitudo Capital signs long-term rental agreement with Sportfondsen Nederland B.V. for approx. 3.650 sq. m. office space at Paasheuvelweg 3 in Amsterdam-Southeast

The office building consists of six levels and has 37 parking spaces. In the near future it will undergo a large-scale transformation, turning the building into a modern and sustainable office building with energy label A. 

As of October 2020, after this renovation, Sportfondsen Nederland B.V. will occupy the building, leaving approx. 1.600 sq. m. available for another tenant.

Sportfondsen promotes vitality in the Netherlands. They believe in the power of exercise and want to challenge people to start moving, together. As a privately-held firm, Sportfondsen exploits and supports over 1.000 facilities at over 500 different locations, for instance swimming pools, (multifunctional) sports facilities, ice-skating rinks and social-cultural facilities. Sportfondsen collaborates with municipalities, social organizations and related partners.  

Erik Tromp, CEO Sportfondsen Nederland B.V. about moving to Amstel III: “We are excited to move to this new working environment. The building has everything we need: it is highly representative, located in a rapidly developing area and has excellent accessibility.”