• Hettenheuvelweg 12-14-16
  • Amsterdam
  • 561 homes


At Hettenheuvelweg 12, 14 and 16, located in the lively Amsterdam city district of Amstel III in Amsterdam Southeast, Certitudo Capital is developing 561 homes – a substantial portion of the 1,600 homes that Certitudo Capital will realise in this area.

This mixed-use area development bears the name &Amsterdam and promises to become the vibrant, green hub of the district. &Amsterdam is one of the first to be developed according to the nZEB standard (nearly zero-energy buildings). With &Amsterdam, Certitudo Capital underlines the ambition of the municipality of Amsterdam to expand the residential area in Amsterdam-Southeast and to create a green and sustainable city on multiple levels.

Programme The new building development has a mixed programme with various types of independent living units, ranging from studio flats and duplexes to two-, three- and four-room flats with floor areas of 30 sqm to 120 sqm. All flats have an outdoor area, either independent or collective. The 1,000 sqm plinth of amenities has an area-supporting function and will soon be given its ultimate designation. Construction will start in the second quarter of 2022, completion is planned for the second quarter of 2025.

&Amsterdam will be a multifunctional area in which the Amsterdam community feeling will be given ample space. At &Amsterdam in the new Hondsrugpark neighbourhood, many things come together: living & working, exercise & relaxation, urban ambience & outdoor life, colourful & energetic, free sector & social rental.

Future residents will also benefit from a progressive mobility plan that will enable them to use shared cars and charging stations for electric cars.

More information on the development can be found at: EnAmsterdam.nl. 

Planned completion

Q4 2026


30 sqm  to 120 sqm 


Highest sustainability standards


561 homes

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