Area development Amstel III

  • Bullewijk | Holendrecht
  • Amsterdam
  • 1,600 homes | 29,000 sqm of office space

Area development Amstel III

Amstel III in Amsterdam-Southeast is being transformed from an office area into a lively city district, bringing together living, working and recreation. The area has excellent accessibility and good amenities, and the public space will be modernised and made greener. The transformation will provide the area with a new impetus.

In 2017, the municipal council adopted the spatial and programmatic development perspective for Amstel III. At least 5,000 homes, differentiated by size and price, will be built by 2027. In the period 2027-2040, approximately 10,000 more houses can be realised in the area.

Certitudo Capital has taken a leading role in the transformation of Amstel III. Since 2016, Certitudo Capital has been building a strong development position in Amsterdam-Southeast. Sixteen properties were purchased in the Bullewijk and Holendrecht neighbourhoods. A total of 1,600 homes and 29,000 sqm of office space will be realised. In this way, Certitudo Capital is closely involved in this area transformation.

Planned completion



1,600 homes
29,000 sqm of office space


Highest sustainability standards

Area development

Amstel III

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