• Binnenhof 1-100
  • Rotterdam
  • 398 homes and retail space


Near Binnenhof Shopping Centre, Certitudo Capital is developing 398 residential units in two residential towers. The area around the shopping centre will also be improved by adding greenery and special attention will be paid to the public space, where new meeting and accommodation facilities will be created for the residents of Ommoord. The revitalisation of the shopping centre itself is also part of the development.

The Ommoord district in Rotterdam is characterised by a balanced mix of high-rise buildings and greenery. The development plans are along these lines: the new building will be centralised in two residential towers, one 20 storeys tall next to the metro station and one 22 storeys on the Debijeweg side. In this way, the neighbourhood’s DNA remains. In addition, houses with front doors will be added to the public area, creating more liveliness. More than half of the homes will be offered in the medium-price segment, the remaining homes will be in the private sector.

The development plan is based on Certitudo Capital’s Residential for Retail formula: the key to success for shopping centres is to break through the one-dimensional shopping image, not just by adding restaurants and bars, but by working on achieving the right mix of shopping, restaurants, living and leisure at a regional level.



Mid-rental homes


Private sector rental homes


Addition of greenery

Public space

Planned completion

Q2 2026