Binnenhof Shopping Centre

  • Binnenhof 1-100
  • Rotterdam
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Binnenhof Shopping Centre

The Binnenhof District Shopping Centre comprises more than 12,000 sqm of commercial space and functions exceptionally well with a variety of local and national retailers, full-service supermarket PLUS, discounter ALDI, care-related shops and professional practices, as well as catering establishments and restaurants.

The shopping centre is located in the densely populated Ommoord district of Rotterdam and is easily accessible by road and public transport. Approximately 150 free parking spaces are available.

Certitudo Capital is currently in talks with the Municipality of Rotterdam regarding possible redevelopment of the property. The development plan will be based on Certitudo Capital’s Residential for Retail formula: the key to success for shopping centres is to break through the one-dimensional shopping image, not just by adding restaurants and bars, but by working on achieving the right mix of shopping, restaurants, living and leisure at a regional level.

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