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Bossche Icons

Walking through the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, one feels the past. For nearly a millennium, people have been building, growing, eating, drinking, trading, stealing, making, destroying, laughing, crying, fighting, reconciling, meeting, discovering, healing, thinking and, above all, living here. Once a swamp, now a beautiful city where so much history has been preserved. Residents of the city, or ‘Bosschenaars’, are justifiably proud of their city.

To protect and preserve our beautiful historical city centre, a number of Bossche Icons have been collected in a portfolio of fifteen properties. Each and every one, buildings with unique stories, mysteries, special residents, diverse functions, various architectural styles – in short, a rich history and, if it is up to Certitudo Capital, a bright future.

All Bossche Icons are zoned for retail and/or residential. 

  • Markt 73, Marktstraat 1-3 “De Roodenburg”
  • Hooge Steenweg 34 and Visstraat 2: “De Naecte Man” and “De Zoutschotel”
  • Ridderstraat 1-3 
  • Markt 13 “De Vijf Vocalen”
  • Schapenmarkt “De Vergulde Ezel”
  • Visstraat 6-8 “Erf Pipengael”
  • Hinthamerstraat 81 “De Roode Sluijer”
  • Schapenmarkt 20-22 “De Groote Waag”
  • Fonteinstraat 5-7
  • Kerkstraat 44 “De Krijnenberg”
  • Hinthamerstraat 51 “De Ploeg”
  • Stationsweg 2-4 

To protect the city against outside attacks, a wall was built around the city centre in around 1225, making ‘s-Hertogenbosch a fortified city. Later, the city wall was moved and the Dieze river was renamed the Binnendieze, which from then on ran through the city centre. Due to lack of space, many buildings have been built over the river over the centuries: overpasses. It was not until 1874 that construction outside the city walls was permitted. With the exception of Stationsweg, all Bossche Icons are located within the old city walls.


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