Callunaplein 3-106 and Pasteurstraat 1-47

  • Callunaplein 3-106 en Pasteurstraat 1-47
  • Dieren
  • 72 homes

Callunaplein 3-106 and Pasteurstraat 1-47

Dieren Shopping Centre at Callunaplein is a shopping centre with flats built in 1969. The residential complex consists of 72 apartments/maisonettes. The flats are spread over the two upper floors. The houses have an average size of 92 sqm and vary between 84 sqm and 131 sqm. In addition, there are 30 garages on the site. 

The property is located in the centre of Dieren. The residential complex above the Dieren Shopping Centre containing all of the (daily) amenities. The property is located almost directly on the N348 and near the train station. Several bus stops are located within walking distance. Ample parking is also available around the shopping centre.




84 sqm – 131 sqm




30 garage units

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