Hessenbergweg 95

  • Hessenbergweg 95
  • Amsterdam
  • 3,000 sqm of office space

Hessenbergweg 95

The property, comprising approximately 3,000 sqm of office space and 63 parking spaces, has been leased to LeaseWeb.

After the lease period, the office building will be sold to the Municipality of Amsterdam for the development of a primary school – a welcome amenity for the residents of the total of 15,000 homes that will be realised in Amstel III in the coming years, 1,600 of which by Certitudo Capital.

Hessenbergweg 95 is located in the Amstel III office and business area. Amstel III has recently embarked on a new path of gradual transformation from a monofunctional working area to a lively urban district in which people live, work and recreate. This will give the area a new impulse. In December 2017, the municipal council adopted the spatial and programmatic development perspective for Amstel III. At least 5,000 homes, differentiated by size and price, will be built by 2027. In the period 2027-2040, approximately 10,000 more houses can be realised in the area. Certitudo Capital is developing 1,600 homes and 29,000 sqm of office space here.

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3,000 sqm




63 parking spaces

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