Paasheuvelweg 3

  • Paasheuvelweg 3
  • Amsterdam
  • 4,100 sqm of office space

Paasheuvelweg 3

This modern and representative office building has recently been renovated and made sustainable. The property, consisting of six floors, is located on Paasheuvelweg 3 in Amsterdam-Southeast. Various (inter)national companies are located in the immediate vicinity, such as Sanofi, G&S Bouw, Wacker and Croon Wolter & Dross. The building has a representative appearance with its own striking identity and is located at a very prominent location. The property will be completely renovated and transformed into a sustainable, high-quality office building. 

The building, with more than 4,100 sqm GLA, is located in the Amstel III office and business area. The building recently embarked on a new path of gradual transformation from a monofunctional working area to a mixed (highly) urban working area in the office zone, and a mixed working area in the business zone. This will give the area a new impulse. In 2014, the zoning plan was amended to include catering, retail and hotels in the area. Certitudo Capital is developing 1,600 homes and 29,000 sqm of office space here.

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4,100 sqm GLA


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