Parc de Kievit

  • Kievit 12
  • Baarle-Nassau
  • 105 luxury holiday homes

Parc de Kievit

Southeast of the Brabant municipality of Baarle-Nassau, a stone’s throw from the Belgian border, lies Parc de Kievit. The park has been successful for years. Visitors rate it an 8.4. That is thanks to the wide variety of accommodations, the swimming pool, the sports facilities and the restaurant. Currently, Parc de Kievit has 483 residential units: 161 mobile homes and 322 bungalows. An expansion of 105 luxury holiday homes to 588 housing units is planned.

Certitudo Capital is building forty already licensed holiday villas in the park, as well as 65 holiday villas on the plot southeast of Parc de Kievit. No permit has yet been granted for the expansion, but it does fit within the zoning plan.

luxury holiday homes



To 588 residential units


55 hectares


Ample holiday homes

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