Stadshuisplein 10

  • Stadshuisplein 10
  • Eindhoven
  • mixed-use

Stadshuisplein 10

In 2018, Certitudo Capital bought the former municipal offices on the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven for the purpose of a new building development. The property is located at Stadhuisplein 10, in the heart of Eindhoven’s dynamic business district, surrounded by offices, shops, restaurants, gyms and many other amenities. 

The ambition of the Municipality of Eindhoven to give the city centre a quality boost by adding as many as 21,000 homes by 2040 means that this position has enormous development potential. In the draft densification vision, Eindhoven municipality has designated the Stadhuisplein area as the only place in which XXL buildings with a height of up to 160 metres are permitted. In cooperation with the Municipality of Eindhoven and other stakeholders, Certitudo Capital is currently giving substance to the development.


XXL high-rise

Residential space

80,000 sqm

Densification of the city centre

Inner-city area development

Ambition of the municipality

21,000 homes by 2040

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