Stadshuisplein 10

  • Stadshuisplein 10
  • Eindhoven
  • 11,000 sqm of office space

Stadshuisplein 10

Stadhuisplein 10, the former municipal office of the Municipality of Eindhoven, has been extensively renovated into a modern office building with a variety of amenities. The 11,000 sqm building and its 330 parking spaces are fully leased to SUCCEED offices, which offers companies of all shapes and sizes work and meeting space: from a flexiplace to an entire floor and from an attractive coffee bar to a conference room. The building has been awarded energy label A. 

In the coming years, the entire Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven will be transformed from a monofunctional area with many vacant properties into a lively multifunctional living, working and shopping area. Certitudo Capital is currently in talks with the Municipality of Eindhoven about possible redevelopment of the property.

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