The Leo

  • Tanthofdreef 3, Motorenweg 23, 31-33
  • Delft
  • 82,000 sqm mixed-use

The Leo

The development at Tanthofdreef 3, Motorenweg 23 and Motorenweg 31-22 in Delft was designed by MVSA Architects and involves approximately 82,000 sqm GLA of mixed-use development with an urban character. The Delft Campus railway station area, and subarea 4 of Schieoevers Noord located within it, is an area in full development. The Municipality of Delft and Certitudo Capital share the ambition to transform the former business park into a dynamic neighbourhood for living, working and recreation. It will be a mixed, innovative and future-oriented city district in which the industrial character so characteristic of Delft will be preserved. This area development is currently taking shape in cooperation with the Municipality of Delft and other developers.

Construction is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023 and completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2026.

The Delft Campus railway station area promises to be the new hotspot of Delft. For and by Delftenaars. With Delft Campus railway station just a stone’s throw away, this location offers excellent accessibility. Moreover, there will be more and more train traffic here in the future.

Planned completion



82,000 sqm 


Highest sustainability standards


Mixed-use, urban

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