Certitudo FGR Bossche Icons

  • 's-Hertogenbosch centrum
  • 12 historic buildings

Certitudo FGR Bossche Icons is a unique real estate portfolio consisting of distinctive, high-quality retail properties, hospitality establishments, one office property and the accompanying upstairs flats. The twelve Bossche Icons are all buildings with unique stories, diverse functions and architectural styles from various periods. Among others, “De Roodenburg” at Markt 73 is part of the portfolio, with Hunkemöller on the ground floor and seven flats above. Other Bossche Icons are the monumental building on Stationsweg 2-4 that houses Hotel Bossche Suites, and Hooge Steenweg 34, where you can go for breakfast or lunch at Bagels & Beans.

All Bossche Icons are zoned for retail and/or residential use. More information about the unique stories, mysteries, special residents, diverse functions and building styles of the Bossche Icons can be found at the website www.bossche-iconen.nl..

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