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The inner-city area development in Delft has a highly urban character and consists mainly of housing. The intended development of Certitudo Capital at Tanthofdreef 3 and Motorenweg 23 and 31-33 in this area is a residential tower designed by MVSA Architects called Leo and consisting of approximately 25,000 sqm GFA. The complex is perfectly accessible by both public transport and by car and is just a few minutes’ cycling distance from TU Delft.

The development is in line with the Municipality of Delft’s ambitions for Schieoevers North, as well as with the future developments around Delft South train station. This area lends itself extremely well to innovative plans in the field of mobility and sustainability. For example, Delft South train station will be the first zero on the metre (‘nul op de meter’) train station in the Netherlands.

The plans initiated by Certitudo Capital are being made in cooperation with stakeholders and interested parties using the ‘Delfts Doen’ participatory approach. This leads to better planning and can ensure greater support for initiatives and a smoother decision-making process.

More information on the area development can be found on the Leo website. 

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