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As a family business, we are well aware that we only have the earth on loan from the generations that follow us. In the end, that is our most important mission: to pass on a better, more beautiful and healthier world to our children and grandchildren.

It is about making and keeping our living environment sustainable. For example, we have specialised in future-proof construction, electrification and the efficient use of raw materials and energy. In addition, we build in a circular way wherever possible and distinguish ourselves with efficient installations. Because we have both technical and concept development in-house, construction is faster, inconvenience in the surrounding area is minimised and the ecological footprint of the building process is smaller.

Certitudo Capital is a member of the Dutch Green Building Council that, together with four hundred participants from the construction and real estate world, is working on making the built environment more sustainable. It goes without saying that during development projects, we at least meet the then current energy and environmental requirements. In doing so, we often go beyond the norm because, in addition to taking care of our planet, we believe that this investment pays off in the long run. Where possible, we strive for the highest possible energy label and at least a BREEAM-Excellent certification.

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